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“This was the easiest process we were able to do.”

Hasheel Shah

Assistant Manager of Health and Safety for School District 38, Richmond, BC.

The Challenge

Hasheel Shah has over 15 years experience in Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety. His career has taken him from the University of Victoria to the oil and gas fields of northern BC and Alberta and back to his current position at the Richmond School District.

The Richmond School District lies within the boundaries of the City of Richmond located on an island at the mouth of the Fraser River and serves a community of over 200,000 very diverse people. In fact, Richmond is recognized as one of the most diverse communities in North America.

School District No. 38 (Richmond) is an exciting, multicultural, educational organization that provides public education for 22,000 students K-12 and boasts the highest graduation rates in BC. What’s more, it employs over 3,000 employees from teachers to support staff to administrators and facilities managers. SD38 is as diverse in its employment and structure as the community it serves.

The Solution

For over 7 years, SD38 has used OHS Insider and SafetyNow for their safety compliance and training needs.


  • Most Efficient and Cost-Effective.
  • User-friendly LMS (learning management system).

Hasheel Shah recently turned to SafetyNow to meet the WHMIS training deadlines in “the most efficient” and “cost-effective” way.

He found SafetyNow’s user-friendly LMS (learning management system) with its intuitive reporting, learner notifications, automation and ability to train on any device in any location the “best way” to implement an immediate need training in the shortest period of time.

All of SD38’s employees were able to take their compliance and required training from the comfort of their office, job site, or lunchroom on their personal smartphones, computers, or school district provided tablets.

There was no need to bring everyone into one centralized location for in-person training and lose precious hours, absorb travel costs, and let’s not forget, incur the cost of all those training donuts. The WHMIS training was implemented in minutes across 3,000+ employees.

The Results

Traditional classroom training would have been more expensive, burdensome, and taken at least 30x longer to roll-out.

What’s more, SD38 now has the power of a best-in-class LMS for all their future safety and overall training needs. Hasheel is making use of the compliant videos and safety meeting kits to turn out his weekly safety meetings with little to no preparation and has seen a marked improvement in engagement.

The best part, he can see in a click of a button how each learner is engaging with their training, how well the life-saving information is being retained, and what employees require more or additional support.

SafetyNow has long partnered with the school districts and higher learning institutions to deliver compliant and consistent safety training in the most cost-effective manner. To find out how we could partner with you to deliver a better safety culture, reduce accidents & incidents by an average of 47% and reduce insurance premiums by an average of 34%, contact us at

“It’s a very good system [and it] works perfectly for our needs.”

Hasheel Shah

Assistant Manager of Health and Safety for School District 38, Richmond, BC.