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The Challenge

One of North America’s largest logistics companies (“the Company”), headquartered in Alberta, has evolved from a three-person operation in 1955 to one of the largest temperature-controlled truckload transportation firms in North America.

Their network covers all of the US and Canada and is controlled by the most sophisticated and comprehensive computer, satellite tracking and messaging systems in the world.

Like many companies their size, they needed a safety training solution that would cater to their multiple locations, various workflows and employees with different skills and knowledge.

The solution needed to be available online, easy to manage remotely and include reporting functionality of standard usage metrics and other KPIs.

The Company chose SafetyNow from a list of multiple vendors in early 2016 as it was the “ best-valued option that met all [their] criteria.”

In their first-year, the Company reported saving over $1M on their bottom-line as a direct result of using SafetyNow for their employee safety training.

“Drivers who live a couple of hours away were not going to travel to and from [the office] to do some office work, so we allow them to work from home during their recovery time and require them to do the SafetyNow program.”

Sandy Schadler

Marketing Consultant Expert

The Process

How To Save $1M Through Effective Safety Training

In Q2 of 2016, the Company starting assigning SafetyNow online courses and SafetyNow ILT instructor-led material to employees that were on modified work schedules.

This “meaningful work” and alternative training schedule not only reduced accident & injury rates by reinforcing a safety culture; it also had a direct impact on lowering WCB premiums.

What’s more, SafetyNow allowed the Company to implement this alternative training program without the additional costs of bringing remote employees into an office environment, because with SafetyNow the training could be done in any location and on any device. In other words, employees could do their safety training from their phone, tablet, or PC from the comfort of their own homes, and the results were a safer workplace.

“By managing our WCB program and utilizing the SafetyNow training resources, we as a company were able to save more than a million dollars in our first year. I expect those savings to grow year over year.”
– Operations Manager

SafetyNow Is Designed To Simplify Your Safety Training And Make It More Effective

SafetyNow gives organizations accurate & compliant training materials at their fingertips – training materials that are reported by existing members to be 57% more engaging and over 10x more effective than their previous solutions.

Nobody likes boring safety meetings. The proven tools in SafetyNow make it simple to consistently make every safety meeting more engaging. In fact, SafetyNow users find their training is 60% more consistent and report a 35% reduction in accident & incident rates on average.