Foreign Worker

Ask The Expert: Can You Force Foreign Workers to Speak English at Work?

QUESTION We get constant complaints from employees about co-workers’ not speaking English at work. We’ve explained the situation and asked them to speak English but th


Portable Generator Hazards Go Beyond Respiratory Risks

Every year people die from carbon monoxide poisoning after operating portable electric generators indoors. But the National Safety Council (NSC) notes that several other carb


Helping Employees Conquer Workplace Stress: Shop Talk

Workplace stress is normal – but when the stress is excessive it can wreak havoc on the productivity, performance, and physical and emotional health of your employees. It c

SafetyNow Wins 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award

Employee Development Suite Receives Recognition for Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation SALT LAKE CITY, August 30, 2018 -- We are delighted to announce today

first aid

By the Numbers: First Aid

First aid is providing help and medical assistance to someone who is injured or sick. Why is first aid so important? Take a minute to look at these numbers and you see how fr


Sleep Apnea: What Supervisors Should Know

Workers put themselves and others at risk every time they work under the influence of too little sleep. Researchers say a significant number of motor vehicle accidents and a

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