Everything you do as an HR manager, from hiring to firing and everything else in-between, has legal ramifications. You’re not a lawyer and you can’t afford to call one every time you have a legal

You need a cost-effective resource you can use to get the compliance help you need.

That’s exactly what HR Insider is!

Sure there are other legal products on the market. But none of them can match the 3 attributes that give HR Insider its unique value:

  1. Informed legal analysis from lawyers
  2. A plain English format that is easy to follow; and
  3. Practical compliance solutions.

HR Insider is not a newsletter; it’s a “use”-letter that you go to find:

  • Plain language explanations about the laws affecting your HR operations;
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to comply; and
  • Model forms, policies, procedures and other tools you can use to implement those solutions at your organization.

Let’s sketch out 5 examples of how you can use HR Insider to overcome the most important business and legal challenges you face in running your HR program.