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Ask The Expert: Is Failure to Get a Driver’s Licence Grounds for Termination?

QUESTION We reassigned a casual employee to a job that includes driving duties even though he didn’t have a driver’s licence because he assured us he’d get one. He’s

Surviving an OHS Inspection: The 5 Things You Should Never Say to an OHS Inspector

he way you handle the actual OHS inspection process may have as much impact on the outcome as the health and safety conditions of your site. That’s why the frontline worker

Urban Legends – The (Un)Truth Hurts

Here's a wealth of information out there about safety -- and quite a bit of misinformation. Some of that misinformation is in the form of urban legends, rumors and myths.

Watch Out For These Foodborne Illnesses

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 200 diseases are transmitted through food, sometimes with fatal consequences, particularly to

Wired for Students

When your son or daughter went off to college this fall, did he or she find a safe place to live? Big old houses near a campus are traditional accommodation for many

Should Employee Lose Job for Refusing to Take Safety Training?

After 4 months of trying to change his mind, management of a nuclear power company fired a support employee for refusing to take refresher training on radiation safety. When

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