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Data Entry Operators Benefit From Short Breaks

Give your data entry workers a break. Better yet, give them four breaks of five minutes each, plus their regular breaks. You’ll still come out ahead, according to a study c

Can Your Written Programs Be Kept Solely in Electronic Form?

A company decides it wants to keep its written safety programs strictly in electronic form. What do you think OSHA would have to say about that? The answer is: do so by al


Night Club Overcrowding Penalty Cut from $100K to $40K

The owner of an overcrowded night club was fined the maximum $100,000 for a first Safety Codes Act violation. The owner claimed the penalty was too harsh and the court agre

Court Orders Employee to Repay $44.2K in Pay for Hours He Didn’t Work

A nuclear power plant operator sued an ex-radiation protection assistant for submitting time sheets and receiving payments for hours he didn’t work. The court sided with th

How to Perform a Hazard Assessment for Industrial Settings

There is no OSHA ergonomics standard. But as with other hazards, a hazard assessment is integral to controlling ergonomic risks at the workplace. Here’s a look at the role

Normal Job

Normal Job Pressures Don’t Trigger Coverage for Chronic Mental Stress

A doctor diagnosed a recruiter as suffering from an adjustment disorder as a result of her excessive workload and lack of support in the workplace and recommended she take ti

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