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Danger in the Trenches

Each year, excavation and trenching cave-ins cause thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths. Trenches can collapse unexpectedly and bury a worker or a bystander. Many victi


Court to Union Worker: Your Case Is for the Arbitrator, Not Us

A service station attendant assaulted a government highway officer. The officer blamed his co-workers for provoking the confrontation and failing to protect him; he blamed hi

Dress Code

Arbitrator Nixes Air Canada’s New Unilateral Dress Code Policy

After 30 years of letting employees wear baseball caps with the union logo, Air Canada unilaterally implemented a new rule requiring that all ball caps worn at work bear the


Active Breaks Help

If you work a lot at a computer, you need to be aware of the possibilities of repetitive strain injuries and how to prevent them. Since computers with display screens were

Seven Statistics: Deadly Driving

Distracted driving is a safety concern for employers whose workers drive on the job because you don’t want your employees injured or killed in car accidents caused by distr

Seasonal Safety Tips: Shoveling Out of a Winter Wonderland

Who’s at Risk Shoveling, and even pushing a heavy snow blower, are strenuous activities. Mix in cold temperatures and the strain on your heart can be enough to cause a h

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