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Leaf Allergens Alone

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you might be excused from the annual chore of raking up leaves. But if your doctor's note doesn't let you off the hook, wear a dust mas


Compact Fluorescent Lamps Pose Mercury Exposure Risk if Broken

When disposing of burned out “old school” light bulbs, most people weren’t too concerned about whether they broke in the garbage bag. But the stakes have changed with t


Hug A Tree

Looking at nature may make you healthier, researchers at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health found. They learned patients recovered from surgery faster w


Give Excuses The Boot

Excuses, excuses. There are lots of excuses for not using protective footwear, but they all sound feeble compared to a foot injury.   “They hurt my feet.” But


Probationary Worker Fired for Performance Not Exercise of Pregnancy Rights

A senior home fired an attendant 10 days after she notified management that she was pregnant and wanted to exercise her OHS right to be taken off work dangerous to her unborn

seat belt

Speeding + Not Wearing Seatbelt Justify Truck Driver’s Firing

A worker driving 96 km per hour in a 65 km per hour zone over an icy curve without wearing a seat belt lost control of her truck and suffered injuries that kept her out of wo

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