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Employer Penalized $48,750 After Worker Is Burned Cutting Barrel

A worker was using an oxygen acetylene cutting torch to cut a hole on the top of a metal 45-gallon barrel. As soon as the torch pierced the top of the barrel, flames shot out

Bad-Mouthing the Company

Quiz: Firing Employees for Bad-Mouthing the Company

SITUATION ABC Auto Body is a f**** joke! Nobody should spend their money there because they’re a bunch of f**** crooks out to hose you.” An ABC Auto Body em


Why Workers Need to Park Those Cell Phones, Even if They Aren’t Driving

Few people would argue with the point that talking or texting on a cell phone while driving causes dangerous and potentially fatal distractions. But a worker doesn’t nee


Great Leaders Make Safety Fun

Great Leaders Make Safety Fun One of the biggest misconceptions about safety is that it is boring, says Richard Hawk, a safety professional and motivational spea

Younger Replacement

Hiring Younger Replacement Doesn’t Prove Age Discrimination

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal dismissed the age discrimination claim of a real estate manager who was laid off as part of a corporate restructuring. The evidence showed t

When There’s an Environmental Incident, Who Should Be Warned & When?

When there’s been an environmental incident, such as a spill of a hazardous substance, you’ll likely have to notify government officials. Those officials will also have

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