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The Top 3 Compliance Oversights you Need to Consider

September 26, 2023 | Get the Kit!

Compliance is a hard thing to maintain. With the endless paperwork, research and countless updates to policies, forms, and procedures. Sometimes it’s hard to stay ahead with new hires, absenteeism, and vacation requests coming through.

Inadvertently, because of this busy-work burden your ability to deliver solutions for future compliance is swiped away. You focus on solutions that work for you now thinking one-day you’ll be able to get back to them. Chances are that is too far in the future.

You’re not alone. There are some compliance areas even seasoned professionals miss. Take the time to carefully review your handbook, review the laws that have changed, and make the updates you need to keep your organization in the clear. To save time you can use HR Insider’s Essential HR Policies Checklist to review the policies that have changed in a convenient, downloadable format including links to policy templates so you can make changes in minutes.

1. Not Having Updated Policies

You can start by reviewing the most important parts of your employee handbook. Making updates to non-discrimination, employee tracking, and harassment clauses are great places to start.

Find and read recent articles and case law on these subject to start. In-dept research has never been easy, but it is necessary in ensuring that the entire organization is safe and fully compliant. Do not make the mistake of rummaging through public discourse and depend outdated information. Use a professional resource library to ensure your updates are actually compliant and verified by the experts.

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2. Having Outdated Forms and Procedures

Laws constantly change and the landscape of HR compliance is always moving the flag. Since updates to your handbook and procedures only happen once, maybe twice a year you have to be prepared with the most compliant resources you can find.

The following forms are most effective when they have been updated to the most recent legislation:

  1. Severance Agreements
  2. Moonlighting
  3. Upskilling

These are the top trending forms, but you can find other niche forms, policies, and procedures for your organization.

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3. Overlooking the Power of Online Training

Your organization can always benefit from flexible, accessible online training. And employee is more likely to learn and engage with training when they are able to fit it into their schedules.

Your organization can benefit from the following online training:

Online training courses, especially for conflict resolution, gives you an alternative method to handle workplace issues effectively. Test them out and see if this is an efficient way to address workplace issues and save you time.

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Get expert tips and access to a host of resources you can use to save you time on research and policy creation with HR Insiders resource library. Upload your documents, audit by asking industry experts, and download informative graphics and special reports on any HR topic.


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