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The Challenge

MDS Coating Technologies Corporation is Canada’s leading coating company working to design and produce metallic ceramic protective coatings for aerospace and industrial components.

This manufacturing company, like many other OHS Insider members, works alongside various dangerous chemical components and faces daily safety challenges in the workplace.


Unlike many organization, safety compliance has never been a problem to MDS Coating Technologies, even with the constant threats they face every day. The reason for this is simple – they stay up-to-date and in compliance with all new OHS requirements by using OHS Insider.

OHS Insider saved MDS Coating Technologies Corporation from hefty WCB fines by staying in compliance.

In the industrial field MDS Coating works in, they require safety training solutions that cater to their workload and workforce.

“OHS Insider has saved me countless numbers of hours with its valuable resources. Otherwise, I would be goog-ling all of the policies and legislation changes that are being updated, costing me more than just my time.”

Daniel Pichard

Marketing Consultant Expert

The Process

An investigation from the Workers Compensation Boards can be a stressful process. Daniel Pichard knew this as they received a surprise visit from one of their representatives. As the WCB employee gave a talk on ladder safety, beginning to test MDS employees on their awareness, Daniel states that, “Low-and-behold, there was just a policy released on Ladder Safety that was released exclusively on OHS Insider” that he had shared with his employees. “It was perfect,” according to Daniel, as he was assured his employees had the knowledge on the subject.

Having his employees familiar with ladder safety when receiving a visit from WCB was essential for his organization to display their level of compliance. Without getting the weekly newsletters OHS Insiders provides, the employees may have not have been so familiar with the topic, which would have reflected on Daniels company performing poorly.

This isn’t the only instance the OHS Insider tools have been of use. As instructed by his organization, Daniel was asked to give a Fall Protection Training course and using OHS Insider’s program, he was able to give a training session that he was assured was compliant. Daniel states that this saves him “valuable time and money from having to search online or conversing policies that are falsely compliant and not up to date with current standards.”

OHS Insider has helped Daniel make his everyday job easier. As he is a frequent and everyday user, he specifically utilizes the weekly updates and newsletters, to help him identify the issues that are applicable to his specific industry. By integrating these into his workplaces’ current policies and using the OHS Insider templates, Daniel has been able to keep his workplace compliant for years and will continue with ease for years to come.


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