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“The SafetyNow platform provides a complete resource of safety tools and information that is easily accessible by our employees spread throughout multiple facilities across Western Canada. It is a helpful and insightful resource for our Tool Box meetings and has paid for itself many times over through the quality of content and the time it has saved us.”

Eric Hansen

Heath & Safety Coordinator for Alberta Processing Company, a division of West Coast Reduction Ltd.

The Challenge

Eric Hansen, Safety Manager at Alberta Processing Company, needed to streamline the Tool Box meetings supervisors gave to their employees.

“It took a lot of time to put together these meetings selecting topics, researching and compiling content, then distributing it to the supervisors at multiple locations was an onerous and imperfect process. We really needed a way to simplify the meetings and integrate more interesting, relevant content into them,” says Eric.

Requirements Also Included

  • A resource that had complete Due Diligence documentation.

  • Kept them apprised of any legal changes to ensure the safety program is compliant.

All the time spent putting together the Tool Box meetings left little time for Eric to keep apprised of the latest safety compliance legal updates.

The Solution

SafetyNow was the resource Eric was looking for.

The huge eLearning library allows a supervisor to assign eLearning activities to all employees at the click of a mouse. In addition, SafetyNow’s regular legal updates and extensive Due Diligence documentation has helped ensure supervisors like Eric remains compliant with all the latest regulations.

Tools At Your Disposal That Help Improve The Overall Quality Of Meetings.

  • Quizzes

  • Checklists

  • Handouts

  • Attendance Sheets
  • Record Keeping

“With SafetyNow’s integrated Safety Meeting tool, setting up Tool Box meetings took dramatically less time. SafetyNow is really helpful in that it alerts me whenever a law is updated and includes a simple concise explanation of the changes and what I need to do as a result,” says Eric.


SafetyNow has simplified and streamlined Tool Box meetings – they take way less time to create and include great content that supervisors like Eric didn’t have access to before.

SafetyNow’s simple eLearning assignment system can be accessed by employees through the internet, resulting in higher participation, increased awareness about safety programs and helps employees do a much better job at following safety protocols.

SafetyNow’s regular legal updates and comprehensive Due Diligence documentation helps you and your team stay compliant.

SafetyNow does a great job of notifying supervisors whenever there is a legal change – and many times even before the change is even finalized so that they can be better prepared.

Due Diligence documentation is also quite extensive and easy to understand.

“Overall we are very impressed by SafetyNow and it has helped us tremendously – I highly recommend it to any safety professional.”

Eric Hansen

Heath & Safety Coordinator for Alberta Processing Company, a division of West Coast Reduction Ltd.

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