There’s a better solution – SafetyNow.

49% of managers struggle daily with making their message stick with employees – employees distracted with phones, production pressures, themselves, others or just tired of hearing the same old thing the same old way to be engaged.

Engaging Training

Great training isn’t a one and done. Great training is iterative, it resonates, it’s visually & contextually impactful, it’s easy to digest, and it’s compliant. Our training is built on well established cognitive learning theories and makes use of micro-training, knowledge checks and customizable options to be highly relevant and engaging. In fact, we’ve done the research and seen that our training has an 8x higher retention rate after 30 days than conventional facilitated training. How much time, energy and money are you spending just trying to get your message to sink in? We’ve got a better way with SafetyNow.