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Do you know how to build a safety culture?

Dear Safety Manager, Please participate in the 2015 State of Safety Management Training Survey today and benchmark your company’s safety investments and activities.  Comp

Former Safety Manager Faces Criminal Charges in Workplace Fatality in LA

Prosecutions against safety professionals are rare but safety managers, directors, coordinators and the like can be held personally liable under the OHS laws in Canada. For

Coroner’s Inquest into Skylight Fatality Releases Recommendations

In 2012, a 24-year-old worker in Ontario died from injuries she received in a 21-foot fall through a skylight to a concrete floor. She’d been part of a crew installing plas

7 Steps to Working Safely Alone

Just because you’re working alone doesn’t mean you’re working without risk – in some cases, your risk may be even greater. Something goes wrong, no one’s there to h

Stand-Up Injuries Aren’t Funny

WHAT'S AT STAKE In healthcare, cashier jobs, assembly line work, custodial tasks, warehousing and other occupations, workers have to stand or walk through most of their shif

Creating the Perfect Safety Meeting

If you view holding safety meetings as a necessary evil and are not working to engage workers, you are likely driving them away from safety. So says safety communication con

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