April 2018


Put the Brakes on Burnout

Many people complain about feeling burned out on the job, but what exactly is burnout? It isn't simply feeling exhausted at the end of the week or having a bad day or two


Seven Ways to Keep Young Workers Safe

Think back to your first job and the excitement of earning money for your first car, stereo, or move away from home. Hoping to make a good impression with your boss, you prob

bicep injury

Does Off-Duty Paramedic Get Workers’ Comp for Off-Duty Injury?

Illustrating the truth of the axiom “no good deed goes unpunished,” a paramedic hurt his bicep while delivering emergency care that saved a man’s life. The problem is t


Trap to Avoid: Implementing New IT Systems without First Getting Buy-In

A Manitoba case is an excellent example of what can happen when you implement an HR system without first getting buy-in from the personnel who have to actually use it. The

Written Safety Information

Many Workers, Including Supervisors, Struggle With Written Safety Information

Researchers in New Zealand say many workers are put at risk because they do not fully understand their employers’ safety and health information, documentation and other pap


Nickel Can Be a Pain

You probably think of nickel as a coin that doesn't buy much or as a metal used to make jewelry more cheaply. To the estimated 10 per cent of the population allergic to th

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