August 2017

Road Worker Killed When Tree Shifts

It’s hazardous to be around trees in storms, but an unusual incident in Mississippi illustrates how it can also be dangerous to be working with trees in the aftermath of a

Lying on Security Clearance = Just Cause to Fire Nuke Worker

A nuclear plant worker being investigated for harassing his colleagues was found to have lied on his security clearance questionnaire—he claimed he was unemployed even thou

Air Traffic Controller Dozed While Planes Landed

An air traffic controller told authorities he fell asleep on his fourth consecutive night shift, forcing two passenger planes to land without his assistance. The control

Dismissal Is Wrongful But Not Worthy of $30K in Aggravated Damages

A bank fired an account manager for allegedly falsifying records to inflate his sales numbers. The trial court ruled that the charges were untrue and that the dismissal was n

Perfume Allergy Brings Lawsuit

Does your workplace have a policy banning the wearing of perfumes and colognes? If not, a recent lawsuit launched in Michigan should give you pause for thought. Detroit Ci

Overworked, Fatigued Workers Are a Liability Time Bomb

The recession is grinding down your workforce. Workers see their buddies get laid off and wait for the other shoe to drop. Meanwhile, they’re working their butts off to pic

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