July 2017

Police Literally Caught in Sting Operation

One-hundred Mexican police officers who were conducting shooting practice at a shooting range in Tapachula, Mexico got a little more excitement than they had likely anticipat

The Materials You Use to Build Scaffolds Matter

Scaffolds are common equipment and are used to allow workers to safely access and work at areas at heights. But if you build scaffolds incorrectly or use the wrong materials,

Angry Worker Kills Six, Including Himself

A Kentucky plastics factory employee who was known to not get along with his co-workers fatally shot his supervisor and four other workers before taking his own life. He also

Trap to Avoid: Not Making Employees Aware of Potential Discipline for Social Media Offences

The social media policy has become a staple for most workplaces. But simply having a social media policy isn’t enough. You also need to ensure your employees know about it

Aircraft Crewmembers Get FAA’s Help to Improve Safety

The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), working in conjunction with OSHA, has issued a final policy for improving workplace safety for

75% Say Female Workers Shouldn’t Be Required to Wear High Heels

Study after study has shown the hazards of women wearing high heels. These shoes put stress and strain on your feet, legs and back, and expose you to an increased risk of sli

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