We offer best in class eLearning, LMS, safety videos and instructor led training. In fact, we are the 2016 CODiE award winner for the Best Risk Management & Compliance Solution.

Safety Compliance

Building a better safety program starts with the confidence that your policies, procedures and training are compliant with laws, regulations, and the latest case precedents.

HCM Compliance

The world of HCM is so people focused and largely impacted by the latest case precedents, but the risk of non-compliance can shutter a business.

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The New SafetyNow

Workplace safety training that is the quickest way to safety awesome!

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Mobile First

A new safety training solution for any device

Custom Solutions

Highly relevant and customised to your industry

Realtime Reporting

Simple, transparent and actionable reporting

Dedicated Management

We invest all our resources in helping our clients reach their goals

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Put matter of factly, our safety training doesn't suck!

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Why Work Safely: Your Number One Reason is Waiting at Home

You’re looking forward to a special event after your shift ends and you’re working at top speed t

Video Surveillance

OK to Use Secret Video Surveillance Film to Discipline Employees

A hidden video camera captured 7 paper mill employees entering the employee numbers of co-workers to get batteries, welding


Stress from Whistleblower Complaint ≠ Grounds for a Work Refusal

A senior program advisor at the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Passport Strategic Modernization Office init

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