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Your Toes Are Targets

Accidents cause 75 per cent of foot injuries, according to a recent poll of foot doctors. Major workplace hazards are falling objects, contact with hot materials, cold temperatures, chemical exposure, cutting tools and protruding nails.

Proper protective footwear is an essential tool in preventing serious foot injuries. Special types of footwear include:

  • Puncture-resistant soles and mid-foot protection needed for work such as construction and warehousing.
  • Shoes made of chemical-resistant material which provide protection from chemical hazards. The material – rubber or a synthetic – depends on the type of chemical involved.
  • Steel-toed shoes that provide extra protection to your toes from falling or rolling objects.
  • Traction footwear used to prevent slips. Chains, studs, bolts, spike or gritty soles are incorporated into these type of safety boots or shoes.

Get the advice of your safety supervisor when choosing protective footwear. And then be sure to wear it!

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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