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Why Work Safely: Your Number One Reason is Waiting at Home

You’re looking forward to a special event after your shift ends and you’re working at top speed to ensure you can get out on time.

Unfortunately, working too quickly, especially if you’re tired, can get you into some bad situations that can make you painfully late for that dinner date or play that your nine year-old son is performing in tonight.

Shortcuts Often Sever Safety

Working quickly and efficiently is one thing, but if you’re taking shortcuts that put your safety at risk, what good are you doing? When you’ve got one eye on the clock and most of your brain on getting out the door on time, you’re setting yourself up for a serious injury or worse. Your mind isn’t on the task at hand and the quality of your work probably has “shortcut” written all over it. You’re also prone to taking risks that you’d never attempt otherwise.

Bad Things Only Happen to Other People, Don’t They?

Many people operate with two sets of rules: one for themselves and another for their loved ones. Without batting an eye, these people will do things that would alarm them if they witnessed their son or daughter doing the same thing. The naive belief that bad things happen to other people leads many of us to take some incredibly dumb chances, whether it’s driving without a seatbelt, not using PPE or flooring the accelerator when a traffic light is about to turn red.

Bad things can happen to everyone. No one is immune. But some sad events can be averted if we are careful to look after our own health and safety.

Think of What You Could be Missing

A workplace injury can tragically change a family life. The consequences are much greater than the financial ones, although those are certainly a burden.

The next time you are considering taking a risk, either on or off the job, think of your young child sitting on the steps, wondering why you’re an hour late and haven’t phoned. Think of the trip down the aisle that your daughter will be making with Uncle Max, because you, her dad, died at work years earlier. Think of all your retirement plans with your spouse, which you won’t be around to experience.

If you don’t have a child, think of your loved ones and friends who depend on you.

It’s Not Too Late to Change Your Attitude

When people are rushing, they become careless, which puts them at risk for injury on the job. It’s better to take some deep breaths and work at a good, safe pace as you keep your mind on task. Some people can’t wait for you to get home. Do you need any other reason to work safely?

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Bongarde Editorial

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