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Uneasonable to Expect Worker to Risk His Life Driving thru Snowstorm

After 5 years of repeated denials, a CRA employee prevailed in his quest to get 3.5 hours of pay after being able to get to his Charlottetown office during a snowstorm. He did make a reasonable effort to drive over unplowed roads to reach the office an hour from his home but decided to turn around after 25 minutes after seeing a truck in a roadside ditch. “It would not have been wise for him to endanger his life” to get to work, the Federal Public Service Labour Relations Board ruled in ordering the agency to pay him not just for the afternoon when the office was shut but the morning while it remained open [Smith v. Canada Revenue Agency2018 FPSLREB 68, Aug. 17, 2018].

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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