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Staying in Touch is Critical

There’s not much point in developing a safety program unless worksite supervisors keep it in the minds of those for whom the program is intended.

Communication is the key. Following are some widely accepted ways to stay in touch. How well are you doing?

  • Review the program and its benefits with all workers new to the company or new to a job
  • Review job descriptions and describe to workers their specific safety responsibilities
  • Inform workers of their right to refuse to work under unsafe conditions
  • Question workers for their knowledge of the program, their safety responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Explain to workers the penalties for violating regulatory requirements and company safety policies
  • Review with workers all applicable safety rules, standard work procedures and emergency procedures
  • Conduct safety meetings as required and record minutes
  • Send copies of meeting minutes to the company office and post them on worksite bulletin boards
  • Rotate crews to ensure stress and fatigue do not contribute to worksite hazards
  • Stop work if it becomes unsafe
Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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