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Spot the Safety Violation: When Ingenuity Goes Too Far…and Too High

One of the safety violations in this image is almost screaming at you, it’s so obvious. Never, and I mean never, use a forklift to lift a person, especially if that person is sitting inside another forklift, and that forklift is lifting yet another piece of heavy equipment! It’s a trifecta of a disaster waiting to happen.

Some forklifts are designed to lift personnel but this is clearly not one of them. Other hazards in this image include:

  1. Overhead power lines, which we don’t know for sure, but it’s a safe bet to say they haven’t been de-energized.
  2. No traffic control – unless you count all the bystanders and gawkers.
  3. It doesn’t appear there are wheel chocks, or anything else, holding the bottom forklift in place to keep it from rolling away.
  4. The weight of the second forklift, the man in the forklift, and the equipment being lifted is likely well over the rated capacity of the lift.

Operating a forklift comes with its own set of safety challenges, there’s no need to add more!

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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