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Security Device Creating a Buzz

A different kind of “mosquito” is creating quite a buzz in the security industry. In an effort to keep young people from congregating in areas, and possibly getting up to no good, businesses are purchasing devices that make it uncomfortable for young people to stay in an area.

The “Mosquito” emits a high-frequency screeching sound that can only be heard by people whose hearing extends beyond 16,000 hertz. While a middle-aged adult wouldn’t likely notice the presence of the $1,250 device, the average person who was 25 or younger reportedly could not stand to stay in the area for long.

The Mosquito could be used in places such as city tunnels, where people with crime on their minds may lurk. It could also deter vandalism to schools and other public buildings and could effectively clear streets around bars and nightclubs after closing times.

The device was invented by a man in Wales after his daughter was harassed by a group of young males hanging around outside a store.

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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