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Schedule Housekeeping

As a supervisor, you must make housekeeping a priority, encouraging your workers to clean up as they work and as they finish a task.

You don’t have to work on this alone. Consider organizing a housekeeping team to pinpoint problems and look for solutions.

The following are possible projects for your housekeeping team:

  • Conduct a safety audit of your work area, looking particularly for conditions related to clutter, disorganization and poor maintenance. Floors should be clean and free of waste, water and grease.
  • Have your housekeeping team do research on appropriate products to help with spills, including absorbent mats, spill barriers, clay granules and other materials. Don’t forget about acquiring the right brooms and shovels for cleanup, and signs or tape to warn others of a spill.
  • Have regular safety meetings about housekeeping. Focus on the problems plaguing your work area.

Convince your crew you are serious about safety housekeeping by scheduling regular cleanups – during each shift and at other regular intervals.

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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