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Question Your Drug and Alcohol Use

As a driver, it is imperative you stay sober and free of drug effects. This is vital for your own safety and the safety of everyone else you meet on the road.

It is often hard for a person to stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol once he or she has started. The line between social or medical use of substances and addiction to these substances is sometimes a thin one.

A company may be required by law to have a drug policy. This policy may include drug testing. You should question your own drug and alcohol use before someone else does.

Here are some questions to consider about your own drug and alcohol habits:

  1. Do you have trouble stopping once you start drinking or using drugs?
  2. Do you have trouble predicting what you will do because you are drunk or high?
  3. Has your drinking or drug use come to the attention of your supervisor or employer?
  4. Do family, friends or co-workers ever comment on your drinking or drug use and the effect it is having on them? Have they ever asked you to stop?
  5. Has your reputation suffered because of drinking or drugs?
  6. Do you ever feel guilty about drinking or drug use or what you have done when under the influence?
  7. Have you suffered any financial problems because of drinking or drugs?
  8. Do you prefer to spend time with heavy drinkers or drug users?
  9. Do you skip meals because of drinking or drugs?
  10. Have you ever been in trouble with the law because of drinking or drugs?
  11. Have you ever been hospitalized or received medical treatment because of drinking or drug use, or because of injuries received when you were drunk or high?
  12. Is drinking or drug use changing your sleep patterns? Do you need to use substances to get to sleep?
  13. Do you have a drink or a drug in the morning as an “eye-opener?”
  14. Are you late for work because of drinking, drugs or hangovers?
  15. Do you drink alone?
  16. Do you use alcohol or drugs to build up your self-confidence, overcome shyness or escape from worries or boredom?
  17. Have you ever suffered loss of memory from drinking?
  18. Do you worry about your drinking or drug use? Do you ever think you should cut down?
  19. Do you do things under the influence of drugs or alcohol you wouldn’t normally do?
  20. Do you take more than the recommended dosage of a prescription or over the counter drug?
  21. Have you ever tried to obtain a prescription for a drug from several doctors at once?
  22. Do you feel irritable and anxious when you stop using alcohol or taking a drug?

A “yes” answer to any of these questions can indicate danger of addiction and abuse of a drug or alcohol. If you are having doubts about your ability to stay straight and sober on the job, get help. Talk to your physician or a resource person from your company or association. Help is also available from self-help groups in your community.

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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