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Picture This: Not the Brightest Bulb

Look closely and you can see the top of the ladder at the bottom left of this picture. The only thing this ladder was good for was getting this risky soul up onto the ledge he’s standing on. If he’s not careful he could earn his wings or end up with multiple broken bones, bruises, and a concussion. This balancing act should be stopped immediately and someone should help this worker get safely on his feet before his light is turned off for good.

This light fixture is in a tricky place for safe ladder use and for safely changing the bulb in this light fixture. How did he manage to get the bulb up there with him? Did he carry it while trying to balance on the two ledges? Did he have to bend over while balancing on the ledges, so someone could hand the bulb to him?

This, and other dangerous tasks, should always be discussed and planned beforehand to determine the safest way to get the work done.

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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