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Perfume Allergy Brings Lawsuit

Does your workplace have a policy banning the wearing of perfumes and colognes? If not, a recent lawsuit launched in Michigan should give you pause for thought.

Detroit City Planner Susan McBride is suing the city regarding a co-worker’s wearing of perfume on the job. McBride claims she is extremely sensitive to perfume and her allergy left her unable to work. Her lawsuit states that the work environment violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

McBride is seeking unspecified damages, plus a perfume ban at her workplace. She has worked for the planning department since 2000 and her woes began a year ago when a perfume-loving co-worker transferred into her area.

Her lawsuit states that the co-worker not only wore overpowering perfume but also used a scented room deodorizer. The co-worker eventually disconnected the air freshener but continued to wear strong perfume.

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial


  1. Sharon Johnson

    Sharon Johnson, September 5, 2017


    my comment is as follows. In as much as I am an extremely long time lover of perfume and must wear it everyday at all times no matter where I’m heading, to me, it is as equally important that I’m considerate of those who have an allergy to it because perfume can cause serious illness and physical downtime to those who are seriously allergic. It’s the same as a smoker and nonsmoker whose lungs can become more damaged than the actual smoker’s lungs.
    I must admit that it’s a necessary adjustment that hard as it may be needs to be implemented.

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