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No Overtime for Union Employees Working Irregular but Less than 40 Hours

Weather delays forced the employer to shut down and reschedule shifts to days that employees weren’t slated to work. Employees were paid their regular wages for these non-regularly scheduled work days. The union contended that employees were entitled to overtime for these hours even though they worked less than 40 hours in the week. The arbitrator disagreed and tossed the grievance. To the extent they had a claim for overtime, it had to be based on the collective agreement. But the collective agreement in this case gave the employer exclusive control over the work schedule and didn’t say anything about overtime being due for work on non-regular work days during work weeks of fewer than 40 hours [Wwrp Construction Employers’ Association Inc. v Council of Construction Trades Inc., 2018 CanLII 55896 (NL LA), June 1, 2018]

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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