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Miscarriage Can Be a ‘Disability’ Says Human Rights Tribunal

An employee missed 3 weeks of work after hurting her hip. Six months later, she suffered a miscarriage. Disabling depression ensued costing her more time. As a result, she missed her yearly 1,800 hour target and received a negative end-of-year performance review. Two months later, she was fired. “Draw your own conclusions,” she was told. The employee claimed disability discrimination and won. The hip injury, although now gone, was a disability, the Tribunal said; and so was the miscarriage. A debilitating condition can be a disability even if it’s temporary, it reasoned [Mou v. MHPM Project Leaders, 2016 HRTO 327 (CanLII), March 14, 2016].

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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