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Men-and-Women-Can’t-Share-Hotel-Room No Excuse for Not Hiring Female

We didn’t reject her because she was female, we rejected her because she wouldn’t share a hotel room with a male co-worker for overnight assignments. So claimed an oil sands company in justifying as a bonafide occupational requirement its refusal to hire a woman for a job done by all-male crews. But the Human Rights Tribunal didn’t buy it. The argument might have had more credibility if the company hadn’t told the applicant that it wasn’t prepared to hire a woman the moment it realized she was female or even take a moment to consider the possibility of accommodations like offering alternative lodgings [Nolting v 847012 Alberta Ltd. (Prime West Contracting), 2017 CanLII 44446 (AB HRC), June 21, 2017].

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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