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Maid on Last Chance Gets to Keep Her Job Despite Alcohol Violation

A housekeeper for a ritzy hotel was caught with alcohol in her lemonade bottle at work 10 months after signing a last chance agreement promising not to drink before shifts. The union claimed termination was too harsh a penalty and the BC arbitrator agreed. Both sides had acted well. The hotel, which had a legitimate interest in maintaining its international reputation, recognized that the housekeeper was dealing with serious stress issues, acted fairly in imposing the last chance agreement and clearly letting her know that its door was always open. For her part, the housekeeper was forthright and honest about her alcohol use and there was no proof she actually drank the booze in the lemonade bottle. So, the arbitrator decided she should be reinstated with no loss of pay and that her last chance agreement be revised to require that she not only refrain from drinking before work but also keeping or using any alcohol on hotel property at any time [Harrison Hot Springs Resort v Unite Here, Local 40, 2019 CanLII 28162 (BC LA),

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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