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Keep Work Running While You Vacation

Vacation – it’s your yearly chance to get away from work and just concentrate on recreation and relaxation.

But you won’t have the good time you deserve if you have to wonder how things are going back at the plant. Preparing your workers for your vacation is an important responsibility which requires year-round effort.

Motivate and train your workers to keep things running smoothly no matter who is absent. Cross train them in various jobs. Delegate parts of your job to give others experience. Encourage your workers to take responsibility for workplace safety and success.

Keep your work clearly organized so someone else can take over if necessary. Another supervisor, a lead hand or your boss should be able to step in and pick up where you left off when you are absent. File paperwork regularly, clearly labeled and sorted. Document your conversations and dealings. Maintain an accurate database or card file of contacts. Keep notes of orders and projects in progress so someone can take over if necessary.

All your workers should know how to access and use safety equipment and materials. The Material Safety Data Sheet collection should be easy to find without rummaging through your office or guessing at passwords to enter your computer. The first aid kit should be in the work area, not hidden in your filing cabinet.

As your vacation approaches, try to catch up and keep up on your work. Anticipate events that could occur in your absence, such as deadlines to meet, orders to be placed and shipments received. Leave instructions and the paperwork needed.

You are not indispensable, but things will run more smoothly by training your crew and preparing for your absence.



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