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How Your Workers Get to Work Influences Their Safety at Work

Editor’s note: May is National Bike Month and May 16-20 is National Bike to Work Week. 

According to the League of American Bicyclists, there are many reasons why employers should encourage workers to commute by bicycle. For example:

    It costs employees less money to operate a bike than a car. Bikes are more reliable than transit. Biking to work can reduce employees’ stress. Biking to work is a healthy activity. Healthy employees are more productive employees. Healthy employees are more alert employees. Healthy employees take less sick time. Healthy employees can reduce your health insurance costs

If you want to encourage bicycle commuting among your workers, there are a few things employers can do:

    Provide showers and changing rooms for cycling commuters. If that’s not possible, arrange with a local health club for your workers to use their shower and changing room facilities. Allow cycling commuters to dress more casually at work. Provide indoor, secure storage space for bike parking, ideally on the ground floor. If that’s not possible, provide bike lockers or covered bike racks outdoors. Appoint someone to coordinate local bike route maps. Bring in a trainer to provide cycling education for employees. Team up with a local bike retailer to offer your workers discounts on bicycle purchases or bike maintenance clinics. Form a company bike club or race team.


Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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