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Forklift Fitness

Every good pilot goes through a checklist to make sure his plane is in good shape before he takes off.

A forklift operator is like a pilot too — even though that operator is still on the ground. Before you use your lift, do your checklist and make sure all of the systems are running safely.

Here are some of things to inspect daily:

  • Check the fluid levels for fuel, oil, battery, steering and brakes. Watch for leaks.
  • See that the tires are in good shape, as are hoses, cables and belts.
  • Make sure the horn and backup alarm are working.
  • Inspect for any problems with the forks, mast and their controls.
  • Safety guards must be in place.

And there’s one more item to check before you get to work — the forklift operator. Are you trained and authorized to operate the forklift? Are you alert, well-rested and ready to concentrate on the job? If so, you are ready to have a safe shift.

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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