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Do you know how to build a safety culture?

Dear Safety Manager,

Please participate in the 2015 State of Safety Management Training Survey today and benchmark your company’s safety investments and activities.  Compare your results to other companies by industry, size and other key dimensions.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and, as a survey respondent, you will get a copy of the results as well as be entered into a drawing for one $250 Visa gift card and five $50 Visa gift cards.  In addition, all participants will get a $25 coupon from

If you have experience in managing workplace safety compliance and/or training, you are encouraged to take this survey.  To participate in the survey, please click here.

The Purpose of the Survey

Safety culture, or the way safety is perceived, valued and prioritized in any company, has obvious effects on accident rates, but it also impacts competitiveness, productivity, reliability, and employee morale.  Companies with an effective safety culture know that by making safety an asset rather than a risk brings them positive economic results throughout their business.

Of course, as a Safety Professional, you have a basic understanding of the effectiveness of your safety program – but do you have effective benchmarks against other companies?  Do you KNOWwhat is working for others in your industry? What isn’t? and the Work Safety Institute are conducting this survey to identify key benchmarks and determine the best practices for workplace safety training in North America across multiple industries.

Benefits of Taking the Survey

You will receive a FREE survey summary report upon publication that will enhance your understanding of safety training activities and best practices across North America, by industry and company size.  You will also be entered into a drawing for one $250 Visa gift card and five $50 Visa gift cards.  In addition, all participants will get a $25 coupon from  You will also have the satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to the largest research effort to benchmark safety training in North America.


All responses will be strictly confidential. No individual or company specific information will be disclosed.  All responses will be tallied and only aggregated results will be published.

To participate in the survey, please click here.

About SafetySmart
SafetySmart makes it easy to manage a compliant and effective safety program.  With SafetySmart you will:

  • Get the compliance and training resources you need
  • Deploy complete, proven safety programs in minutes
  • Ensure compliance and consistent training across teams and locations
  • Reduce risks and increase compliance with easy record-keeping and document management

SafetySmart does it all while reducing costs, complexity and pressure on your safety and training teams.  In a world where budget and time are always tight, only SafetySmart provides everything in one easy-to-use online service, accessible to anyone, from anywhere.

About Work Safety Institute
The mission of The Work Safety Institute is to help companies keep their employees safe.  We do this by conducting and sharing best practices research and benchmarks, as well as recommended resources for business owners, executives, managers, supervisors and employees who are committed to workplace safety.



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