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Dismissal Is Wrongful But Not Worthy of $30K in Aggravated Damages

A bank fired an account manager for allegedly falsifying records to inflate his sales numbers. The trial court ruled that the charges were untrue and that the dismissal was not only wrongful but in bad faith and awarded the manager $30K in Wallace or aggravated damages. The Court of Appeal reversed the damage award as “unreasonable.” First, nothing about the termination process was untoward. The representative was told the reasons and offered counseling. He wasn’t harassed, scolded or forced to immediately pack up and leave. Second, there was no evidence that he suffered the mental stress necessary to justify the awarding of aggravated damages [Lau v. Royal Bank of Canada, 2017 BCCA 253 (CanLII), July 7, 2017].

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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