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Discussing Employee’s Job Status ≠ Bullying & Harassment

An employee claimed she suffered work-related mental stress as a result of threatening and bullying comments made by management during a pair of meetings discussing a non-disciplinary performance matter. The Workers’ Comp Appeals Tribunal agreed and awarded her workers’ comp benefits. But the court found the ruling “patently unreasonable” and in violation of WCB policy regarding coverage of mental stress. While the meetings did address the employee’s job status, they were performance-based and hardly abusive. “One can easily imagine harassment in the context of demands concomitant upon threats to a worker’s continued employment that are more egregious than the conduct in this case,” the court reasoned [Bendera v Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal, 2018 BCSC 552 (CanLII), April 6, 2018].

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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