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Court Refuses to Order Arrests of CP Strike Protesters

Canada Post got an Ontario court to issue an injunction ordering protesters to stop blockading its mail processing plants. The protesters simply ignored the order as the police stood by. So, CP went back to court asking for an order clarifying the police’s right to make arrests to enforce the injunction. But that didn’t work either. Dissatisfied with what it perceived to be the police department’s passivity, CP asked the court to order it to make arrests. The court refused. While we can hold police in contempt of court for not obeying a court order after the fact, we can’t tell them how to do their job, the court reasoned [Canada Post Corporation v. Doe et al, 2018 ONSC 7283 (CanLII), Dec. 5, 2018].

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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