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Company Fined $77,500 for Separate Amputation Incidents

A worker’s right index finger was amputated while resting a steel tube on the clamping device of a machine used to bore out the centre of tubes to pre-set specifications. The company pleaded guilty to failing to design, construct, install, use and maintain any safeguard in accordance with CSA Standard Z432-04, Safeguarding of Machinery, and was fined $30,000. In a separate incident, another worker had his left middle finger amputated while placing rod caps on the clamping fixture of a different machine. The company pleaded guilty to another safety violation and was fined $47,500, $7,500 of which is going to the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Branch to be used to educate the public on matters relating to workplace safety and health [Monarch Industries Ltd., Govt. News Release, Dec. 15, 2016].

Bongarde Editorial

Bongarde Editorial

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