Workplace Violence & Harassment

Labour Board Orders Hospital to Do a Workplace Violence Assessment

After her colleague was attacked by an inmate, a nurse and member of the joint occupational health and safety committee asked a Nova Scotia OHS officer to order the medium se

Ask the Expert: Is Fear of a Violent Co-Worker Grounds for a Work Refusal?

QUESTION Can a worker refuse to work with a co-worker because he’s afraid the co-worker will attack him? ANSWER Yes, as long as the fear is reasonable. EXPLANATION Cou

Restaurant Owner Socked with $26.6K

Restaurant Owner Socked with $26.6K Psychological Harassment Penalty

From the moment she began working at the restaurant, an 18-year-old employee had to put up with sexual remarks—including some in front of customers and others on Facebook


Texting Indecent Photos to Supervisor = Just Cause to Fire Longstanding Employee

Should an employee with 30 years of service and a clean disciplinary record lose his job for texting photos of his genitals to a female supervisor? The union acknowledged tha


Safety and Pranks Don’t Mix

Sunday is the first of April, April Fool's Day. Its origins are uncertain, but this unofficial holiday is a time for pranks, jokes and hoaxes. Beware of what you see, read an

casual employee

Casual Employee Fired for Complaining of Work Harassment

A casual employee contended that it was no coincidence that she stopped getting work assignments and eventually lost her job after filing “respectful workplace” complaint

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