Workplace Violence & Harassment

Ask the Expert: Is Fear of a Violent Co-Worker Grounds for a Work Refusal?

QUESTION Can a worker refuse to work with a co-worker because he’s afraid the co-worker will attack him? ANSWER Yes, as long as the fear is reasonable. EXPLANATION Cou

Restaurant Owner Socked with $26.6K

Restaurant Owner Socked with $26.6K Psychological Harassment Penalty

From the moment she began working at the restaurant, an 18-year-old employee had to put up with sexual remarks—including some in front of customers and others on Facebook


Texting Indecent Photos to Supervisor = Just Cause to Fire Longstanding Employee

Should an employee with 30 years of service and a clean disciplinary record lose his job for texting photos of his genitals to a female supervisor? The union acknowledged tha


Safety and Pranks Don’t Mix

Sunday is the first of April, April Fool's Day. Its origins are uncertain, but this unofficial holiday is a time for pranks, jokes and hoaxes. Beware of what you see, read an

casual employee

Casual Employee Fired for Complaining of Work Harassment

A casual employee contended that it was no coincidence that she stopped getting work assignments and eventually lost her job after filing “respectful workplace” complaint

domestic violence

What Happens at Home Does Not Always Stay at Home

Here’s a difficult topic for you: family violence, also known as domestic violence or domestic abuse. What does it have to do with work safety? There are actually a couple

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