Workplace Violence & Harassment

Workers’ Comp Bars Sexual Assault but Not Employment Claims

Four female employees who claimed they were sexually assaulted by a floor manager sued their employer for failing to protect them. But before answering the complaint, the emp

Workplace Bullying

Prison Guard Claims Workplace Bullying but Arbitrator Doesn’t Believe Her

An internal investigation concluded that a prison guard sexually harassed his female co-worker. But the case was far from over. The victim kept encountering her harasser even

Workplace Bullying

Employee Escapes Firing for Workplace Bullying because of Her Long Service

A catering attendant was fired for bullying her co-workers and not showing up for her disciplinary hearing. While acknowledging the seriousness of the violations, the arbitra

No Evidence that Boss Had It In for Female Employees

A kiosk manager claimed that her boss deliberately targeted female employees for removal. The Human Rights Commission investigation found that the manager was fired for perfo

pet dies

Employees Don’t Get Day Off because Their Pet Dies

My boss wouldn’t even let me take a paid day off when my cat died. This was one of the incidents cited by a client rep in her psychological harassment case against the med


Trial Needed to Decide If Domestic Violence Is Just Cause to Fire

A housing authority discovers that a live-in manager assaulted his ex-girlfriend and her pregnant daughter in separate incidents. Concluding that it can no longer trust the m

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