Workplace Violence & Harassment

domestic violence

What Happens at Home Does Not Always Stay at Home

Here’s a difficult topic for you: family violence, also known as domestic violence or domestic abuse. What does it have to do with work safety? There are actually a couple

revenge porn

Defendant’s Bankruptcy Doesn’t Stop Female Employees’ Revenge Porn Lawsuit

Imagine the horror these female employees must have experienced when the police notified them that somebody had secretly videotaped them in the ladies’ room at work and pos


Court to Union Worker: Your Case Is for the Arbitrator, Not Us

A service station attendant assaulted a government highway officer. The officer blamed his co-workers for provoking the confrontation and failing to protect him; he blamed hi


Assault of Co-Worker = Just Cause to Fire Supervisor

Tensions between a supervisor and what he perceived to be a noncompliant forklift driver reached a crescendo in the lunchroom. “What’s your problem,” the supervisor sho

Workers’ Comp Bars Sexual Assault but Not Employment Claims

Four female employees who claimed they were sexually assaulted by a floor manager sued their employer for failing to protect them. But before answering the complaint, the emp

Workplace Bullying

Prison Guard Claims Workplace Bullying but Arbitrator Doesn’t Believe Her

An internal investigation concluded that a prison guard sexually harassed his female co-worker. But the case was far from over. The victim kept encountering her harasser even

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