Workplace Hazards


When Sharper is Safer

A sharp cutting tool is a safer cutting tool. That seems all wrong, but it's true. A dull cutting tool requires too much force to operate, increasing the chances of it slippi


Electrical Safety – 10 Quick Tips

In many regions, the month of May has been proclaimed as Electrical Safety Month. Even if this safety observance hasn’t been adopted in your area, it’s always a good time

Keep Your Head; Wear Your Hardhat!

Hardhats have come a long way. Designed with a suspension in the crown and tested to withstand 40 foot-pounds to protect the wearer from falling objects, hard hats are

Don’t Scoff at Scaffold Safety

Scaffolds must be designed and set up under the supervision of a qualified person. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and workers can be put in grave danger as a res

Ladder Fall Victim Can’t Prove Employer Was Negligent

A driver delivering a heavy truck to a truck dealer fell off the 8-foot stepladder the dealer gave him to use while at the site. Workers’ comp bans injured workers from sui

Handle With Care

Handle With Care

PROTECT YOURSELF  Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when handling hazardous materials. Consult the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for information on

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