Workplace Hazards

bridge maintenance

Hazards Over Troubled Water

Bridge Maintenance Dangers Span Decades Think of hazards faced by bridge workers and you'll likely picture a beehive of construction activity on a new bridge. Once the wor


Worker Claims Machine Is Too Dangerous to Use but OHS Inspector Disagrees

An assistant press operator at a wet-process hardboard mill manufacturing plant filed a formal safety complaint contending that a 25-year-old lift platform was dangerously de

Ask The Expert: Can Workers Use a Machine with a Broken Safety Device If We Warn Them?

QUESTION The emergency shut-off switch on our machine is broken. Can workers still use it if we post a sign warning that the switch is non-functional?   ANSWER


Offices Can Be Dangerous

Offices are deceptive when it comes to safety. They look much safer than they really are. Many office workers receive injuries and permanent disabilities in accidents e


Saved By The Boot

Need new boots? Make a habit of regularly checking your safety footwear. If worn or damaged footwear can’t be properly repaired, replace it. Fit for your feet When cho

factory collapse

Can’t Blame Canadian Company for Collapse of Supplier’s Plant in Bangladesh

Workers caught in a disastrous clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh in which over 1,000 people were killed went to Ontario court to sue the upstream Canadian company for w

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