Workplace Hazards

Seven Statistics: Deadly Driving

Distracted driving is a safety concern for employers whose workers drive on the job because you don’t want your employees injured or killed in car accidents caused by distr

Employer Penalized $48,750 After Worker Is Burned Cutting Barrel

A worker was using an oxygen acetylene cutting torch to cut a hole on the top of a metal 45-gallon barrel. As soon as the torch pierced the top of the barrel, flames shot out


Employer Socked with $40K OHS Fine

After pleading guilty to 3 OHS offences, including failure to ensure proper safety training and instruction and machine safety, a transport company was fined $40,000 for an i

What Workers Value Most at Work Might Surprise You

What do you believe is most pressing issue for workers asked to rank labor standards in order of importance? Minimum wage? Overtime pay? Paid sick days? Family and maternity


Night Club Overcrowding Penalty Cut from $100K to $40K

The owner of an overcrowded night club was fined the maximum $100,000 for a first Safety Codes Act violation. The owner claimed the penalty was too harsh and the court agre

hands-on training

In Dangerous Jobs, Hands-on Safety Training Wins Hands-Down

If you want your workers to improve their safety behavior while performing highly hazardous jobs, there’s nothing more effective than hands-on safety training, according to

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