Workplace Hazards


Night Club Overcrowding Penalty Cut from $100K to $40K

The owner of an overcrowded night club was fined the maximum $100,000 for a first Safety Codes Act violation. The owner claimed the penalty was too harsh and the court agre

hands-on training

In Dangerous Jobs, Hands-on Safety Training Wins Hands-Down

If you want your workers to improve their safety behavior while performing highly hazardous jobs, there’s nothing more effective than hands-on safety training, according to


Hospital Can’t Require Unvaccinated Nurses to Wear Masks

A hospital unilaterally adopted a Vaccinate or Mask Policy requiring nurses and other workers who don’t get the annual flu vaccine to wear surgical masks in areas where pat

Confined Spaces

7 Facts About Confined Spaces: By the Numbers

Here are seven facts relating to confined spaces: 1 confined space fatality occurs every four days on average in workplaces across the United States. (US Department of


Focus on 1-bromopropane

Worker exposure to 1-bromopropane (1-BP), a toxic chemical associated with nervous system damage and reproductive harm in animal studies, has prompted a joint hazard alert fr


Recycling Old Boats is Risky

A tree fort built out of scrap lumber can be knocked down in a fraction of the time it took to build it, but the same can't be said of complex structures, including ships.

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