Union Employee Can’t Sue Employer for Sabotaging His EI Claim

Two weeks after getting fired, an employee was denied EI benefits. The union filed a wrongful termination grievance and the employee appealed the EI denial. The gri

need not pay

Private Insurance Need Not Pay for Injured Employee’s Medical Cannabis

In Feb. 2017, the Human Rights Commission ruled that a private medical plan committed disability discrimination by denying an injured employee coverage of medical cannabis le

flight attendant

Injured Flight Attendant Wins Her Workers’ Comp Appeal

Air Canada flight attendant who worked out of BC but lived in Manitoba suffered a work injury while working an international flight. The Workers’ Comp Appeals Tribunal deni

No Sick Pay for Colonoscopy that Is Not Medically Necessary

A hospital refused sick pay under a short-term disability plan to an employee for the day he missed work to have a colonoscopy. The collective agreement said benefits would b

Redistributing Money among Employees

Effective today, it’s illegal to withhold or make deductions from tips and gratuities to cover damage, losses, spillage, breakage, etc. or cause employees to return tips an

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