Lousy Training, Not Worker’s Safety Violation, Causes Train Accident

A breakdown in radio communications between the switchman and trackmobile operator during a routine moving operation caused a railway car to break loose and smash into a ware

US Postal Service Cited For Alleged Repeat and Serious Violations

REGION 5 OSHA conducted an inspection of a US postal service processing and distribution facility in Eau Claire, WI, and found two alleged repeat violations and one allege

Lack of Pilot Training Eyed in Buffalo Plane Crash

The pilot flying the commuter aircraft that plunged into a neighborhood in northern NY in February lacked hands-on training with a critical safety system, according to an A

Improve Your Safety Culture in 9 Steps

“An organization’s safety culture is a lot like the weather,” says safety professional Gary Higbee. “It’s an invisible presence that surrounds everybody in the orga

Workplace Training Scams

Workplace Safety The WSCC is warning employers to beware of workplace training scams involving unauthorized training providers aggressively pushing chemical safety trainin

DOS & DON’TS: [√] Document Discipline Imposed on Workers

When you discipline a worker for violating a safety rule or for any other infraction, make sure to document it. You should note the circumstances of the infraction, when and

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