Training and Leadership

Data Entry Operators Benefit From Short Breaks

Give your data entry workers a break. Better yet, give them four breaks of five minutes each, plus their regular breaks. You’ll still come out ahead, according to a study c

Can Your Written Programs Be Kept Solely in Electronic Form?

A company decides it wants to keep its written safety programs strictly in electronic form. What do you think OSHA would have to say about that? The answer is: do so by al

hands-on training

In Dangerous Jobs, Hands-on Safety Training Wins Hands-Down

If you want your workers to improve their safety behavior while performing highly hazardous jobs, there’s nothing more effective than hands-on safety training, according to


You Make the Call: Firing an Employee for Poor Performance AND Being Too Old

SITUATION You need to downsize and now face the unenviable task of deciding who gets the axe. The choice comes down to two candidates currently doing the same job: Tom You

Inspection Strategies That Save Big Money

Under OSHA regulations, companies may appoint a representative to accompany an OSHA inspector during the inspection. You can use this valuable opportunity to ensure that mist

Webinar Recording: How to Convince Upper Management of the Necessity for Safety Compliance

The OSHA Act in the US and Provincial OHS Legislation in Canada mandate that every organization provide a hazard-free working environment and comply with standards, many

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