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Can you ask applicants if they have kids during a job interview?

ITUATION Jeanine Tonnick interviews for a bartending job at a local hotel. Bartenders must be at least 21 year and Jeanine looks like a teenager. So during the interview,


Take Time to Listen

A supervisor in the kitchen was having a really busy, frustrating day. Two workers had called in sick so the shift was shorthanded. The hospital was full of patients unexpect

supervisor in touch

Staying in Touch is Critical

There's not much point in developing a safety program unless worksite supervisors keep it in the minds of those for whom the program is intended. Communication is the key.


Awards Can be Very Worthwhile

For some people, just knowing they've done the right thing is enough. For others, rewards and incentives are an effective way to promote safe work practices. Workers benef


Ask The Expert: Can You Terminate an Employee Who’s Been AWOL for Over a Week?

QUESTION Do we have the right to terminate an employee who hasn’t shown up, called in or responded to our calls for over a week?   ANSWER It depends. &n


Great Leaders Make Safety Fun

Great Leaders Make Safety Fun One of the biggest misconceptions about safety is that it is boring, says Richard Hawk, a safety professional and motivational spea

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