Social Safety


There’s A Fungus Amungus

The microscopic fungi known as molds have always been among us, but we are learning more about the harm they can do. These tiny plants live on plant or animal matter. The


Check These Shocking Fact

You know electrical shock can't be good for you, but what does it actually do to your body? Shock occurs when a person contacts a source of electrical energy. This current


Do Someone Else A Good Turn

Intersections can bring out the best or the worst in a driver. At an intersection, traffic is moving in various directions and at different speeds. Vehicles are starting,

dog attack

What to Do When Man’s Best Friend Isn’t Friendly

Anyone who works outdoors or walks, jogs or bikes has probably had a heart-pounding encounter with an aggressive dog. And more than five million people in North America find


When Sharper is Safer

A sharp cutting tool is a safer cutting tool. That seems all wrong, but it's true. A dull cutting tool requires too much force to operate, increasing the chances of it slippi

head injury

Head Injuries

Mild head injuries suffered in football and soccer games aren't good for your mental abilities. Two recent studies indicate impaired mental function among amateur playe

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