Social Safety


How Secure Is Your Fortress?

With sophisticated video surveillance, bulletproof glass and security guards protecting store clerks, armed robberies have become risky business for criminals. That means

computer bandit

Keep Computer Bandits at Bay

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place, but not everyone who utilizes it is neighborly, nice or remotely trustworthy. Not every computer whiz is working for an

old worker

Watch What You Say to Older Workers

Throughout North America, employers have become increasingly intolerant toward sexual, religious, cultural, gender or racial discrimination toward workers. Now there is a


You Make the Call: Firing an Employee for Poor Performance AND Being Too Old

SITUATION You need to downsize and now face the unenviable task of deciding who gets the axe. The choice comes down to two candidates currently doing the same job: Tom You

bad mood

Growled at Anyone Lately?

Like old age, a bad mood can sneak up on a person. Some events, like an unplanned $200 speeding ticket on the way into work, may set the stage for a hissy fit. And anyone is


How to Maximize Your Time

Busy people often wish for more hours in the day, but leadership consultant Joelle Jay, Ph.D, says, “When you maximize your time, you actually do have more hours in the day

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