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When Sharper is Safer

A sharp cutting tool is a safer cutting tool. That seems all wrong, but it's true. A dull cutting tool requires too much force to operate, increasing the chances of it slippi

head injury

Head Injuries

Mild head injuries suffered in football and soccer games aren't good for your mental abilities. Two recent studies indicate impaired mental function among amateur playe

long trips

Trips Bad for Babies

Long car trips can be bad for newborns, says a recent medical study published in the United States. After spending less than an hour in a car seat, oxygen levels of new

Handle With Care

Handle With Care

PROTECT YOURSELF  Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required when handling hazardous materials. Consult the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for information on


Light Up Your Work Life

Reflected, natural, direct or indirect—lighting can affect your job performance. You may not give lighting a lot of thought when you are working because light is so inte


Car Camera Could Have Its Eye On You

A twin camera system that spies on drivers and warns them if they appear about to be falling asleep has been developed in Australia. The device also alerts drivers who

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