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Growled at Anyone Lately?

Like old age, a bad mood can sneak up on a person. Some events, like an unplanned $200 speeding ticket on the way into work, may set the stage for a hissy fit. And anyone is


How to Maximize Your Time

Busy people often wish for more hours in the day, but leadership consultant Joelle Jay, Ph.D, says, “When you maximize your time, you actually do have more hours in the day


Nature’s Light Show

At any second around the world, there are 100 lightning strikes and nearly 2,000 thunderstorms in progress. More occur in areas nearer the equator and in the mountains than i


Are You Comfortable Communicating With Your Boss?

Knowing how to communicate effectively is an art, whether you are trying to smooth troubled marital waters or receive a little extra help around the house from your teenager.


Work Frequently Isn’t a Safe Haven for Victims of Domestic Violence

eople who have a miserable life at home might view their work as a blessed escape, but if the misery involves domestic abuse, the workplace often isn’t a safe haven for a v


The Top 10 Worst Foods to Eat While Driving

Numerous studies suggest that using a cell phone while driving causes distractions that increase the risks of traffic accidents. While information of this nature is certainly

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