Seasonal Safety

Safety Tips for Pumpkin Carvers

Safety Tips for Pumpkin Carvers It’s that time again. Parents everywhere are preparing to dress up their children and send them out into the streets to take candy from str

What to Do When the Inspector First Shows Up

Trick or treat! It’s not a ghost, a witch, a vampire or a werewolf who’s been rapping at your door. It’s something even scarier. It’s the OSHA inspector, and he wants

How to Host a Safe Summertime Celebration

Ahhh...summer. Time for the backyard barbecue, fireworks and fun in the sun with family and friends. As a good host, you put a lot of thought and planning into creating a fe

Stop Fires Before They Start

The best way to fight a fire is to prevent it from starting. Fire needs four things to burn - fuel, oxygen, a source of ignition and a chemical reaction. If you remove any o

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