Seasonal Safety


Up To One In Five Suffer From Allergies

An estimated 15 to 20 per cent of the population is allergic to one thing or another. Here is a rundown on common allergies not necessarily related to work: Food allerg

Seasonal Safety Tips: Shoveling Out of a Winter Wonderland

Who’s at Risk Shoveling, and even pushing a heavy snow blower, are strenuous activities. Mix in cold temperatures and the strain on your heart can be enough to cause a h

Keeping Your Workers Safe in the Cold

January is the height of the cold season and we’re not talking about sniffles and sneezes, but the reality of working outdoors in freezing conditions, coupled with wind and


Don’t Fall for Rooftop Hazards

At this time of year, the buildup of heavy snow on the roof is a common concern at both the workplace and at home. And it’s a concern best left to the professionals to hand


Uneasonable to Expect Worker to Risk His Life Driving thru Snowstorm

After 5 years of repeated denials, a CRA employee prevailed in his quest to get 3.5 hours of pay after being able to get to his Charlottetown office during a snowstorm. He di

winter driving

Timely Tips Make Winter Driving Less Tense

Time is a major factor in winter driving safety, not only in terms of the need to allow more time to get to a destination, but also in pre-trip planning. The following tip

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