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Workers’ Comp Must Pay for Injured Worker’s Medical Cannabis

Doctors prescribed medical cannabis for pain from a worker’s work-related back injury but workers’ comp refused to pay for it. The New Brunswick Workers’ Comp Appeals T

Can you ask applicants if they have kids during a job interview?

ITUATION Jeanine Tonnick interviews for a bartending job at a local hotel. Bartenders must be at least 21 year and Jeanine looks like a teenager. So during the interview,

Constructive Criticism Is Not Harassment

A dispatcher let go from seasonal employment due to performance issues and insubordination was reinstated to full-time work. But the problems continued and after 2 suspension

second job

Employee Fired for Secretly Working Second Job

Taking a second job with Tim Horton after the hotel where she worked cut her hours was just part of the problem. The real issue was not telling the hotel. Instead, she took m

Watch Out For These Foodborne Illnesses

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 200 diseases are transmitted through food, sometimes with fatal consequences, particularly to

Should Employee Lose Job for Refusing to Take Safety Training?

After 4 months of trying to change his mind, management of a nuclear power company fired a support employee for refusing to take refresher training on radiation safety. When

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