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bridge maintenance

Hazards Over Troubled Water

Bridge Maintenance Dangers Span Decades Think of hazards faced by bridge workers and you'll likely picture a beehive of construction activity on a new bridge. Once the wor


Ask The Expert: Can We Pay Students Less than Other Temporary Employees in Ontario?

QUESTION Under Ontario law, can we pay students different wage rates than other temporary employees hired during the same timeframe?   ANSWER Yes, but only in ve


OK to Fire Driver for Viewing Porn on Company Computer

The truck driver’s first mistake was using the computer in the lunch room to view porn when he thought nobody was around. His second mistake was falsely denying it after he


Assume Guns Are Loaded

The topic of guns inspires heated debate just about anywhere you go. But no matter where you stand on the complicated issues of gun laws, you'll agree there is a need for gun

domestic violence

What Happens at Home Does Not Always Stay at Home

Here’s a difficult topic for you: family violence, also known as domestic violence or domestic abuse. What does it have to do with work safety? There are actually a couple

Foreign Worker

Ask The Expert: Can You Force Foreign Workers to Speak English at Work?

QUESTION We get constant complaints from employees about co-workers’ not speaking English at work. We’ve explained the situation and asked them to speak English but th

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