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OK to Fire Jailed Employee for Not Calling In & Explaining Absence

On Aug. 2, a hospital employee with 25+ years of service was arrested on serious criminal charges. Although he was on vacation at the time, the employee couldn’t return to


Ask The Expert: Can You Terminate an Employee Who’s Been AWOL for Over a Week?

QUESTION Do we have the right to terminate an employee who hasn’t shown up, called in or responded to our calls for over a week?   ANSWER It depends. &n

Food Service: The History of Handwashing

Workers who handle and prepare food must have clean hands. But invite workers to a lecture on the importance of handwashing, and you can expect rolled eyes and sarcastic zing

Contractor Can’t Hire Temporary Foreign Worker to Operate Heavy Equipment

A BC construction contractor wanted to hire a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) as a heavy equipment operator but the federal Officer rejected its Labour Market Impact Assessmen


Fired Trainee’s Sex Discrimination Charges Don’t Hold Water

A locomotive engineer trainee fired for failing her simulator and written tests claimed that she did pass the tests and that she her termination was actually part of a system


Drug-Sniffing Dog Search & Testing Are Valid Construction Safety Measures

Hydroelectric dam construction project security officers found 6 white pills of methamphetamine in the seat pocket of the pickup truck they were searching with scent-trained

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