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Bad-Mouthing the Company

Quiz: Firing Employees for Bad-Mouthing the Company

SITUATION ABC Auto Body is a f**** joke! Nobody should spend their money there because they’re a bunch of f**** crooks out to hose you.” An ABC Auto Body em

When There’s an Environmental Incident, Who Should Be Warned & When?

When there’s been an environmental incident, such as a spill of a hazardous substance, you’ll likely have to notify government officials. Those officials will also have


Why Office Affairs are Bad News

A boss is having simultaneous affairs with three of his female employees. Can other female employees who aren't romantically involved with the boss sue for sexual haras


Ask The Expert: Can Customers Videotape an Employee Making Service Calls to their Home?

QUESTION Most of our employees work in customers’ homes servicing and installing phone, internet and cable. From time to time, customers will videotape our employees. 

foof safety

Don’t be ‘Out to Lunch’ on Food Safety

Saving money and time by brown-bagging it to work instead of eating lunch out makes perfect sense. But not practicing proper food safety at the office could lead to a serious


How Secure Is Your Fortress?

With sophisticated video surveillance, bulletproof glass and security guards protecting store clerks, armed robberies have become risky business for criminals. That means

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