Highway Work Zone Safety

Red-Light Violation

Past Red-Light Violation Makes Bus Driver’s Collision More than a First Offence

Was a 3-day suspension too severe a penalty for a bus driver that got into a preventable but minor collision? The union said a verbal warning was the maximum penalty since it


On The Road: Flagging Safety

Sweating profusely beneath her orange vest, Jane held up a stop sign. Jane was controlling traffic during a road-widening project; she wasn't aware that every year motorists


Spot the Safety Violation: When Ingenuity Goes Too Far…and Too High

One of the safety violations in this image is almost screaming at you, it’s so obvious. Never, and I mean never, use a forklift to lift a person, especially if that person

Work Zone Safety

TIPS FOR SAFE DRIVING IN WORK ZONES Work zones are dangerous, and too often deadly, work areas. Following these 10 tips could save a life. In any work zone along any

Study Looked at Causes of Work-Related Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are one the leading causes of work-related deaths. But relatively few studies have looked at the characteristics and risk factors of work-related traffic ac

National Safety Council Launches Death by Cell Phone Campaign

In an effort to get drivers to hang up their cell phones, the National Safety Council (NSC) is targeting 67 US markets with “Death by Cell Phone” billboards and a short s

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